Airpods Case Airpod Accessories Case Airpods Protective Silicone Case for Apple Airpod

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PERFECT PROTECOR : Airpods Case fits Airpods Charging Case very well, the design of thick silicone corners that are shock proof, absorb impact effectively provides the full protection for the Airpods which will be more durable. The AirPod Accessories Case is made of silicone, the anti-slip skin of Airpod Case can prevent the Airpods Protective Silicone Case for Airpods Charging Case from slipping, thus protect your AirPods from damaging (scratches, scrapes and crack) by accidental fall.

CHARGING EASILY AND ANTI-LOST FOR THE EARPHONE:Uncover the dust-proof cover,plug the lightning cable into the USB port directly to charge the Apple Airpods Charging Case without taking off the Airpods case. The Anti-lost strap packed with Airpod case is used to connect both earphones which prevents earphone from lost when doing sport with listening music. if one or two falls accidently, the Anti-lost strap could falls to your neck (NOT the ground) which protects the earphone from damaging.

EASY TO INSTALL AND PORTABLE TO CARRY: The Airpods Case has some elasticities which makes it’s easy to install Apple Airpods Charging Case into the Airpod case or uninstall Apple Airpods Charging Case from Airpods Accessories Case. The precise Opening mechanism design of top cover makes it’s easy to open and close without flipping up. The exquisite and durable carabiner makes you to carry your Airpods easily. You can attach the Airpods to carriage bags, travel carriers, pants, etc .

NON-STICK DUST AND PLUSH: The Airpods Case is made of silicone, it doesn't get dirty easily. Stuff or plush won't stick on to Airpod Case easily. You can clean the surface of Airpods Accessories Case easily with a cloth or a piece of tissue. The Airpods Protective Silicone Case keeps your Apple Airpods Charging case clean as new always, you expensive Airpods will be used for long time with the protection of Airpods Case.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our strict quality control system assures the quality of Airpods case, you can choose the Airpod case as a gift to your family and friend. We promise to refund your all money for any quality problem or dissatisfaction of the Airpods Accessories Case within 60 days. Over 60 days, we can arrange the replaced pakage for you free, we'll give you a new Airpods Protective Silicone case to you after receiving your email or message.